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The Himalayan salt lamp traders & Style Ish Boutique is owned by Women Entrepreneur. We are focused & passionate to help people for their wellbeing and make better living. I initially started in Dublin since 2019 from a small exhibition & Market stalls across the Dublin. Witnessing the popularity and craze for Himalayan salt products, non-availability of stock in Ireland easily with affordable prices, the company made its way to the ecommerce platform. Here, we offer you the wide variety of salt products at a very reasonable retail & wholesale price.

I am sure you would all like to have a store that brings all products in a platform as one stop shop one may need for meditation, healing, relaxation, sound healing etc. We believe in the power of positive energy, so each and every product we send with high vibrational intent, ensuring that your product is ready to sell for your customers under one roof.  

We have opened a new branch in Dublin named” The Himalayan Salt Lamp Traders” in your locality and this is just the place that we will cater to all your needs as a Retailer &Wholesaler for all range of Himalayan Salt Lamps, Selenite lamp & other crystal range.

You can find most of the products with a selection of various shapes and the best quality. Our motto is to ensure our service quality will be beyond excellent with very competitive prices you will not be able to find in the Ireland market.  Our prices are quite reasonable. Please get in touch with us on below contacts to find the price.

We are multi product ecommerce platform selling Hand bags, Arabic perfumes, Salt lamps, Crystals, Gem stones, Hippy clothing’s, Indian Handcrafted pillows and Others.